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How To Avoid Losing Your Life To Strata

Breaking Down The Value Of A Property Manager

You’re part of a strata council that has no property manager.

On top of taking care of your strata responsibilities (without pay!) you also have:

  • Your career
  • Maybe some children who demand your attention
  • A pet who needs care
  • Your home to clean
  • Phone calls and emails to answer
  • Friends and family to see
  • A Netflix show to watch

(Takes a deep breath) this is all getting pretty darn heavy on your shoulders.

A good property manager takes away your strata weight.

The Breakdown Of Your Strata Fees

We charge a per door rate (if your apartment building has 300 units, it’s x amount multiplied by 300). The rate includes:

  • A miniumum of 2 meetings a year, plus an Annual General Meeting (if you wish for more, we can look at options that best suit your needs.)
  • Your manager’s management fee
  • Water and sewage
  • Garbage removal
  • Administration (mailing, copying)
  • Strata corporation operating budget (maintenance, contingency fund)
  • Forms K, F, and B
  • Power Strata Portal
  • Bookkeeping
  • 24/7 emergency service (eg. a fire breaks out and you need insurance aid STAT)


For Illustrative Purposes Only

Breakdown Of Extra Charges

On the Agency Agreement you sign with us, there are a few extra costs that can come up:

  • An hourly rate for your manager to be onsite (e.g. extra meetings that aren’t outlined in base fee, including lawyer meetings). This rate is negotiated before an Agency Agreement is signed.
  • Bylaw registration
  • Lien registration


Can Your Fees Change After The Agency Agreement Is Signed?

Your maintenance fees can’t be changed without council and owner approval. Your property manager won’t adjust anything overnight – they have to sit down with you and discuss the changes that are coming.

If you and your council aren’t comfortable with the changes, then your Agency Agreement needs to be adjusted to reflect the fees you can afford.

Fees are reviewed annually to account for:

  • Inflation
  • Housing market shifts
  • New add-on services

You’re always made aware of changes before they are implemented.

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