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Brian Browne

General Manager – Strata Manager

Brian has been in rental management for over 10 years and strata management for over 9. He decided to go into rental management so he could supplement his real estate career – having a hand in both meant he could work with both owners and tenants alike.

He finds his career incredibly rewarding.

Brian has been a realtor with HomeLife Glenayre Chilliwack Ltd. for over 15 years.

Brenda Currie

Rental Manager

Brenda began her career as a Rental Manager in 1990 after someone told her she’d be great at it. Beforehand, she was a realtor, and had the opportunity to recycle her real estate experience into rental management.

Brenda finds a lot of joy in helping inexperienced owners do what’s best for their properties.

She’s still a realtor with HomeLife Glenayre Chilliwack Ltd.

Mike Browne

Managing Broker – Strata Manager | Trading Services

Kenny Hawkins

Rental Manager

Kenny first started in real estate, and moved to Rental Management to further assist her clients. She’s been a rental manager for over 10 years, and finds great joy in helping someone find a home.

The challenge of finding the perfect match for someone is one she enjoys immensely.

Kenny has also been a realtor with HomeLife Glenayre Chilliwack Ltd. for over 15 years.

Michael Henshall

Rental Manager

Michael moved into Rental Management to complement his career as an investment realtor. He’s been a manager for 4+ years now.

He enjoys working with a variety of people, and is glad that there’s never a dull moment.

Michael has been a realtor for over 14 years. 7 of those years have been with HomeLife.

Nick Fraser

Strata Manager

Nick has spent many years working in customer service, and wanted to put that experience to good use. So he moved into Strata Management over 2 years ago.

He enjoys solving the many problems that can arise within a strata.

Tamra Ford

Strata Manager

After selling real estate in the Chilliwack area for 16 years, Tamra decided to move to strata management at HomeLife.

Her favourite part of managing is communicating with various strata owners and councils. She enjoys answering their questions and guiding them towards a well-maintained, happy strata everyone is content to live with.

Kevin Brown

Managing Broker – Trading Services

Jacklyn Tompsons

Director of Strata Department and Senior Strata Manager

Michael Weatherly

Strata Manager

Lucy Prior

Strata Manager

Debbie Lambergie

Strata Manager

Malea Schneider

Strata Manager

Sheri Mulvahill

Strata Manager

Ray Cymbaluk

Stata Manager

Victoria Flack

Property Manager

Taylor Apsouris

Property Manager

Alisha Ilaender

Property Manager

Julie Fisher

Bookkeeping Department Manager

Julie Fisher and her husband are parents of two and recent Grandparents. Julie enjoys spending her free time with her family and pets, camping and reading. Julie comes to us with a range of experience with over a decade of bookkeeping as well as in banking and direct sales. Her “we work as a team” mentality has allowed our departments to implement progressive change that has benefited our clients and our company.

Victoria Schultz

Manager, Forms Department

Marnie Apsouris

Manager, Collections Department

Why Choose HomeLife?

Streamlined Council
Each member has their specific duties and knows how to carry them out.

Professional Conflict Resolution
Your property managers are trained to solve conflicts within your strata.

Bylaw Enforcement
You don’t need to enforce your bylaws or collect fines – we do it for you.

Council Training
Your property manager ensures your council members are always aware of their responsibilities.

Large Team Of Property Managers
If your property manager is unable to fulfill their duties for some reason (e.g. illness), there’s always someone who can fill their shoes.

Competitive Maintenance Rates
Our strong relationship with contractors means you get competitive prices on your development’s maintenance.