Privacy Policy

The following policy and procedures outline the steps required by all team members to protect the private information of all documentation that is regularly entering the office in any medium, including but not limited to physical documents, emails, mail, fax, and phone calls.

1) All information and documentation in any form must be protected from view at all times by the public or any person not authorized to view such content. Unless there is specific reason that necessitates it, non-employees are not permitted in the accounting or conveyance offices or behind the front reception desk. This includes:

  1. a) Real estate agents, property managers, and their assistants
  2. b) Employees from other departments
  3. c) Sub-contractors such as printer or computer suppliers
  4. d) Employee family or friends
  5. e) Solicitors of any kind

2) Under necessary circumstances, such as maintenance of equipment, etc., care should be taken to remove sensitive documents and information.

3) All meetings with non-employees should be held in an alternative location, not in an area with privacy sensitive information and/or documents.

4) Office doors are to be locked at the end of each shift.

5) All computers must be password protected and locked whenever they are unattended (put the screen to ‘sleep’ if you must leave your station).

6) Any breach of privacy must be reported immediately to the office manager.

7) Employees who are found to have violated the privacy policies may face disciplinary action as outlined in this manual.

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