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Is Your Property Management Slow To Respond?

With our online Power Strata Portal, we always address your problems and concerns in a timely manner.

Are you a:

  • Strata council member
  • Property owner
  • Developer

And not happy with your current property management? Learn why Homelife is different.

Get New Tenants For Your Rental

Can’t find a good tenant for your rental? Or do you have a tenant already, and dislike dealing with them?

A rental manager can:

  • Find you an excellent tenant
  • Deal with any maintenance your property needs
  • Speak with your tenant on your behalf
  • Collect rent each month

For more information, visit Rentals and Rental Management.

The Top 3 Strata Council Problems

Think of a captain and his ship. The captain is responsible for everyone and everything on the vessel. He’s the first on deck when something goes wrong, and is the person who everyone turns to for guidance.

Your property managers are your captains on this ship.

3 problems that are common in strata corporations:

Unanswered emails and phone calls – with our online application portal and attentive staff, we make sure you’ll hear from us.

Tense relationships between council and tenants – you get quick conflict resolution with our property managers, who’ve all gone through professional conflict resolution training.

Council members don’t know what their duties are – your council gets full training and a solid support system from our managers.

Strata Management

From enforcing bylaws to organising your meetings, we take the helm and ensure your Strata Council is equipped to run smoothly.

Are you a strata homeowner? Learn the benefits of having a property manager here.

How residential stratas and strata management work.

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Airspace Condos
Condos above businesses are getting more common – learn how to navigate the complexities of airspace residences.

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First Nations Properties
Lease land can be complicated – get more familiar with them here.

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Keeping your new developments in good shape is important – learn how with us.

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Rentals & Rental Management
Sick of bad renters, or just need help finding a tenant? Or perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to rent?

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Why Choose HomeLife Advantage Realty?

Streamlined Council
Each member has their specific duties and knows how to carry them out.

Professional Conflict Resolution
Your property managers are trained to solve conflicts within your strata.

Bylaw Enforcement
You don’t need to enforce your bylaws or collect fines – we do it for you.

Council Training
Your property manager ensures your council members are always aware of their responsibilities.

Large Team Of Property Managers
If your property manager is unable to fulfill their duties for some reason (e.g. illness), there’s always someone who can fill their shoes.

Competitive Maintenance Rates
Our strong relationship with contractors means you get competitive prices on your development’s maintenance.